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We want to provide delicious bagels, sandwiches, sides snacks and beverages that can make your day better.

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Gourmet Bagel

Hello, we are Gourmet Bagels conveniently located on Lexington Avenue in the heart of New York City. We serve everything from bagels to sandwiches — any gourmet meal to make your day better. On your way to work, or amidst a busy schedule, stop by our cafe and start your day off with a warm cup of coffee and a gourmet meal. This is the best breakfast spot in town with affordable pricing! Grab a bite to eat or meet friends for a quick lunch at Gourmet Bagels.

Everyday we bring you the freshest ingredients from local vendors right to your plate. Just like Julia Child said, “You don’t have to cook fancy or complicated masterpieces – just good food from fresh ingredients.” We are founded on the principle of cooking tasty food from the fresh ingredients. It is good food made simple. We let the flavors of the food shine through.

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Fresh Ingredient, Tasty Meals

Start your day with our Fresh and Tasty Food!


What Our Local People are Saying

Fantastic breakfast place!

A lot of options and a lot of food for the price you pay! I had an Italian hero sandwich! 
Nice ambiance, clean and neat. The personnel is very friendly and polite.
The place in itself is kinda small but still spacious so you could sit in there and have a meal.

Andy Dee

“It’s great deal”

Good bagels with a number of vegan “cream cheese” options (6 stars for that!) Unassuming but good coffee- just what I like. The people running it are very friendly. Bagel + coffee = $3.99! “

Will44 Sherman

“Another successful experience”

I found this place through the Food For All app, great to know they are doing their part to reduce waste! #zerofoodwaste This app is really great to try here, I was able to grab half a dozen bagels for less than $5 with the app! The staff were very friendly and it was very clean! I will be returning!


Sara T


Amazing. As a former food worker, Im hyper-critical of all food. I could see the good and it was all up to health code. I ordered a smoothie and it’s absolutely delicious. The employees are super friendly and helpful about recommendations. Definitely stop by for some breakfast or a smoothie!

Laurel H

Hours of Operation

06:00am – 07:00pm

07:00am – 04:00pm

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